Throwback Thursday

This week’s blog post is coming to you a day early, because this is a throwback Thursday post! I did a similar throwback post to celebrate Doors Open 2018, but we have so many great photos in our photo archives that I just had to share a few more. This time, it’ll be all about the home of our Historic brewery – the Halfway House!

HALF.PHO.ND.011The Halfway House before its move and restoration. This photo really makes you appreciate how much restoration work went into restoring it into its current glory. Look at that roof! Judging by that particular Coca-Cola logo, this photo was likely taken sometime in the 1940s.


Halfway, almost unrecognizable, at its old location at Kingston Road and Midland Avenue in Scarborough.


An artist’s depiction of how the Halfway House may have looked during Victorian times. The Halfway House was a rest spot on the stagecoach line, so it would have likely been bustling with travelers and guests.


Another artist’s depiction of how Halfway may have looked at the time. I really like this one because it’s done in color!


This photo is one of my favorites! I used it in the Doors Open post, but it’s too cool not to share again. I love the bicycles lined up on the Halfway House porch!

As you can see, the Halfway House has had a rich and interesting history before ending up here at Black Creek Pioneer Village.


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