A Victorian Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe that the holiday season is already upon us? Family Christmas Weekends are in full swing, and Christmas by Lamplight begins tomorrow! In honor of all the Victorian Christmas cheer that will be abundant at the Village, i’m going to explore how the Victorians celebrated Christmas back in the 19th century, and how those traditions have lasted to this day.

My favorite part of Christmas at the village.. the food! Especially the flaming puddings.

Did you know that many Christmas traditions that we enjoy today come from Victorian times? In fact, Christmas’ tradition as a huge holiday tradition originated in Victorian England. According to the BBC, many credit the adopting of these Christmas traditions with the marriage of Albert and Victoria. The German-born Albert’s childhood included a Christmas tree, complete with decorations and gifts. The Christmas Card was also introduced around this time, when children (including royal children) were encouraged to make their own cards and send them through the post to loved ones.

A Victorian Christmas card! Courtesy of a generous coworker who brought us treats last Christmas. A little different from what you expect from a Christmas card, but so charming!!

The Christmas dinner did not originate in Victorian Britain, but the roast turkey definitely did! The BBC states that the large size of the tradition Christmas turkey was appealing to families looking to feed a large brood for the holidays. Victorians also enjoyed nuts, mince pies, oranges, and of course, flaming puddings!

As is popular here at the village, Christmas became centered around the family. Gift giving, games, carols, and eating together became the tradition as Christmas became more and more popular. It became an excellent reason to celebrate time with family, and extend wishes and sentiments of good cheer and generosity. This is an attitude that still reflects to this day when talking about what makes Christmas important.

If you would like to partake in some Victorian Christmas traditions, we are running our Family Christmas Weekends every weekend until December 23rd, and Christmas by Lamplight on weekend evenings, also until the 23rd. The brewery will also be open on these weekends for tastings!

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