Black Creek Historic Brewery’s Grand Opening

The Ontario Minister of Culture, The Honourable Aileen Carroll taped the first keg at Black Creek Historic Brewery’s Grand Opening, which was attended by over 100 beer enthusiasts, journalists and guests.

“The opening of a historic brewery at Black Creek Pioneer Village is an excellent example of the cultural entrepreneurship Ontario encourages and supports. Cultural programs such as these help foster a creative economy and build vibrant, liveable communities,” said Carroll.

Earlier this year, Black Creek Pioneer Village was awarded a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Strategic Investment Fund to assist with the development of the brewery.

“Nowhere in Canada can you tour a working brewery and experience the process in this context, which includes a working grist mill, a cooperage, the gardens, and then taste the results of beer that has been made according to historic recipes and methods,” said Gerri Lynn O’Connor, Chair of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, (TRCA). “Whether you were a farmer involved with growing the grain, whether you were a miller, a brewer or a cooper making the barrels to ship it in, or whether you were an advocate for a more moderate lifestyle that might not include imbibing alcoholic beverages, it’s all part of a very interesting past that we are sharing through the tours here at the Brewery.”

The Black Creek Historic Brewery is open daily through the end of the year (except December 25 and 26) and is included with general admission to Black Creek Pioneer Village. And like all facilities operated by the TRCA, the Village and the Brewery are not affected by the current municipal workers strike.


The Black Creek Growler