Event – Late Harvest Beer and Cheese Tasting – Sept 21

Join us on Thursday, November 17th to take the chill off winter with a pairing of big and bold beers and cheese from Ontario and Quebec.  Join expert Julia Rogers of Cheese Culture and treat yourself to a rich journey into the delicious world of cheese.  Guests will sample five cheese varieties from Ontario and Quebec each paired with a selected Canadian craft beer, along with our popular fresh-baked bread.  This enjoyable evening includes a guided tour of the brewery.  The event begins at 7:00pm and tickets must be pre-purchased.

$30 per person, $27 for members (plus taxes). Call 416-667-6284 for tickets.

New Brew – Wet Hop Pale Ale

Moments before picking, an hour before brewing!

Ed’s been busy brewing a batch of Wet Hop Pale Ale.  Brewed with freshly picked hops grown at Black Creek Pioneer Village, this is a special one-off batch!  Traditionally, beer is brewed with hops that have been dried.  Some of the volatile flavours apparent in fresh hops are lost during the drying, packaging and storing process that hops undergo before being sold to breweries.  Our Wet Hop Pale Ale can only be made once a year when the hops are ready for harvesting.  Ed’s hoping the flavours will be floral with hints of citrus, though we really won’t know until we open the cask!  Come down to Village beginning Thursday, September 15th to sample the wet hop pale ale or pick up a growler!

One Mile Beer Project

Black Creek Historic Brewery is conducting an experiment!  We’re trying to brew a one mile beer.  All the ingredients have been grown on site.  For an introduction to the project check out the video below.  Watch this blog for updates on our progress!