New Brew – Chocolate/Raspberry Porter

As some of our loyal followers already know – our plans for our Estate Ale have been sunk by a band of rogue turkeys and a gaggle of Canada Geese!  Last year we brewed our first Estate Ale – a beer made on site at Black Creek using barley and hops grown on site.  We were very pleased with the results last year and planned to double the number of growlers available for sale by planting an additional barley field on our Schmidt-Dalziel Century Farm property.  The combination of a drought this summer and the lack of people on the Schmidt-Dalziel property resulted in a band of very well fed turkeys and Canada Geese and no barley to brew with!  While we plan to beef up security for next year’s harvest, Ed has saved the day with a replacement brew – a chocolate/raspberry porter.  Ed says that this brew is a “rich malt oriented beer with an intense cocoa flavour and mild tart finish.”  He plans to have about 35 growlers available for sale this weekend at Black Creek Historic Brewery.  This brew is available only at Black Creek Pioneer Village – not through the LCBO – and only while supplies last!

Canada Geese in the Village

New LCBO Offering – Dray Horse Ale

Pat Fillion – Black Creek Pioneer Village

Long time, no post; because we’ve been working on something big!  Our Dray Horse Ale is second in our lineup of “Historic Beers of Canada” – twelve distinct beers that represent each consecutive decade of Canadian and brewing history.

Dray Horse Ale represents the era of canal building from 1820 to 1829. During this time many of Canada’s canals were being built. The Lachine Canal was built between 1821 and 1824. Construction of the first Welland Canal commenced in 1824 and was completed in 1829. The Rideau Canal was first dug in 1826 and was finally completed in 1832. Construction of the Desjardin Canal commenced in 1827. The motive power required to pull barges through the recently completed canals of Upper and Lower Canada was provided by large powerful dray horses.

“Dray Horse Ale is a hefty, full bodied brown ale that is very representative of this decade in Canadian history,” said Ed Koren, Brewmaster at Black Creek Pioneer Village. “Dray Horse uses 100 per cent Ontario grown hops and malt to produce a rich and robust ale. At 5% alcohol this flavourful ale is perfectly suited to the Fall and Winter Season.”

Dray Horse Ale is a seasonal beverage available at select LCBOs, selling for just $3.95 a bottle (500ml). To find a participating LCBO near you, search the Dray Horse Ale product #309633.