Vintage Canadian Beer Labels

Copland Brewing Co. (Barclay, Clark & Co. Lith. Toronto)
From a collection of beer labels, stationary and Canadian Breweriana donated by Lawrence C. Sherk.
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto.

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto has a flickr account with a wide range of early Canadian paper beer labels and brewriana.  In total they have 669 Canadian beer labels available for viewing online!   The text that accompanies the images states –

The items in this set come from a collection of more than 3000 Canadian beer labels donated to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library in 2011.  The collection covers a period of about 100 years starting in the late 1800s, and documents changes in tastes, design sensibilities and culture during this time.

The collection was donated to the library by Lawrence C. Sherk.  Mr. Sherk also kindly donated his time and lent us numerous artifacts for display in an exhibit that was created to celebrate the opening of our historic brewery a few years back.  Whether researching a specific brewery or looking at advertising and graphic design in Canada over time, this collection is unparallelled!  Thanks to Mr. Sherk for donating his collection, and thanks to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library for making the collection accessible to the general public!