Our Beers (2015)

2015 Specialty Beers

Please note: dates refer to date of release – there will be beer until it’s all bought/drunk up!


May 16th, 17th, 18th – Apricot Ale


June 20th & 21st – Ginger Beer


July 1st – Maple Brown Ale


August 3rd – Simcoe Hopped Ale


September 19th & 20th- Fresh Hop/Wet Hop Pale Ale


October 3rd – Whisky Barrel-Aged Brown Ale

October 10th, 11th, 12th – Honey Brown Ale

October 17th/18th, 24th/25th, 31st – Pumpkin Ale


November 21st – Elderflower Stout


TBA – Winter Warmer

For more information on our 2015 Specialty Line-Up, click here!


The Standard Roster


We usually have around 3 of these styles available at any given time.  Generally, though, you’re more likely to find the lighter beers through the summer, the porter and stout as we head back into autumn.

Brown Ale (5% ABV):

A nicely balanced beer, slightly sweet with hints of burnt caramel. Very popular in the nineteenth century!

Porter (5% ABV)

More malt-oriented than the brown; a complex beer with nutty/espresso notes.

Stout (5% ABV)

So dark you can’t see through it, but don’t let the colour scare you! Smooth and rounded, and all about the malt.

India Pale Ale (6-6.5% ABV)

Lighter in colour, but still vibrant! Citrus and grapefruit aromas come from the hops; this one gets you right at the front of the tongue.

Best Bitter (4-5% ABV)

Still leaning more towards the hops, but less intense than the IPA. Slight fruitiness and a hint of herbal English hops balances a sweet maltiness.

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