“Toronto Star” Article About Black Creek Historic Brewery

I opened the LIVING section of today’s Toronto Star, and found a nice overview of the brewery written by Star beer reporter Josh Rubin, along with some fine photos.

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the online version

Beer the way the pioneers drank it

The Black Creek Growler


The Brewery Website is Live

To find out more about the brewery, the beers, the food, planned special events, and to book your own event –take a look at:


Thanks Eric, Mark, Siobhan, Rebecca and everyone else who had a hand in putting the site together so quickly.

The Glowler

First Brews Underway

Peering into the mash
Peering into the mash
I popped into the soon-to-be openned brewery this morning, just to see how it was coming along. It’s a real pleasure for me to steal a few minutes out of the day and check out how things are progressing.

Before I even entered, I was pleasantly surprised by the delightful sweet smell of brewing. Inside, people (whose names I, unfortunately don’t know) were placing storage hooks for the various implements, laying tiles on the floor of the brewery restaurant, and – brewing. Dave told me he was seeing how things were working, figuring out some of the kinks in the equipment, and making Porter. Watching the process, asking questions, was really interesting. But the real payoff awaits . . . tasting it.

The Black Creek Growler

Ale Was King in 1890’s Kingston

Here’s an interesting account of beer drinking habits (i.e. ale drinking habits) in early Ontario. It comes from Alan McLeod, editor of A Good Beer Blog. In his post titled A City of 1890 In Love With Strong Ales, he describes his discovery of an August 6, 1890 travel piece in the New York Times about Kingston, Ontario . It contains a reference to the local preference for all things English – including ales – and the general lack of lager anywhere.

Brewery Takes Shape as Equipment Arrives

I don’t get a chance to visit the brewery under construction as often as I’d like, so I was happy when Karell sent me these photos. I’m astounded to see how quickly things are moving along.
Great work by the guys at Black Creek in getting the place ready and by those who built the equipment off site. It really is starting to take shape nicely!!

Rick — Beer Lover, and Marketing Manager at Black Creek.

We’re Building a Historic Brewery

Renos Underway:  Brewing area almost ready for equipment installation
Renos Underway: Brewing area almost ready for equipment installation

Sometime this June, Black Creek Pioneer Village will open up a brewery called the Black Creek Historic Brewery. This has been a dream of mine for some time and I can’t tell you how much we are looking forward to that day.

Our brewery will be run in partnership with Pioneer Brewery Ltd., a company created by the owners of Trafalgar Ales and Meads. As I write, it is being built in the wine cellar area of the Half Way House restaurant: half the space will be for the actual brewery under a manufacturing license, and the other half will be a pub under a sale license.

Besides sampling a variety of ales from the brewery, visitors will be able to relax with a cold pint right there in the pub, or take home a growler of beer so they can share the experience with their friends. Right next door, the restaurant will offer a new menu with suggested beer pairings including beers brewed on the premises as well as a selection of other Ontario craft beers.

It’s been a long road negotiating the licenses and working out all the details that are necessary for setting up a new brewing establishment. I can’t say enough about the excellent support we have received from Mike Arnold, the owner of Trafalgar and Dave Jameson, the brew master of Trafalgar. This is a true labour of love for all concerned. Soon we’ll all be able to taste the results!

In the coming weeks we’ll share a bit more about the brewery, and the challenges of recreating the historical brewing process.

Rick Sikorski – Beer Lover / Marketing Manager, Black Creek Pioneer Village