Gift Shop Holiday Guide

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Can you believe Christmas is around the corner? If you’re organized and on top of everything, you definitely have your holiday shopping all taken care of. However, if you’re like me, you’re still looking for some last minute things! You’re in luck… the Black Creek Pioneer Village gift shop has some great choices for unique and fun gifts! As this is the Historic brewery blog, I’ve included some beer themed gifts as well! The gift shop closes at 4:30pm on weekdays, 5:00pm on weekends. Or, if you’re attending Christmas by Lamplight, the gift shop will be open late so you can pop in!

img_4042Artisan Christmas Ornaments and Decorations – Aren’t these beautiful? We have an amazing range of artisan ornaments, knick-knacks, and decorations available in the gift shop. If you’re looking for a beautiful ornament, or some nice things to place on the mantle, we have a variety of different things to choose from.

2L Refillable Growler Jug – Isn’t this cool? This is a refillable growler jug in two snazzy finishes. Each one holds 2 litres of beer, or any other liquid you may want to place in there. It’ll store a ton of beer from your favorite craft brewery, and even keep it cold and fresh if you want to transport it!

“Beer Snob” Growler Carrier – Okay so maybe you’re more of a fan of the traditional dark glass growlers over a refillable jug. No problem! This growler carrier can help you transport your heavy growler full of beer. This carrier comfortably fits a 2 liter growler, and securely holds it in place. Plus it is pretty stylish looking!

Black Creek Brewery Merchandise – As always, we have a ton of cool merchandise available to purchase. You can represent your love of our historic brewery and the village! We just got some beautiful new colors, including this pretty bright coral shade. We also have scarves and pom-pom hats to help you stay warm in this chilly weather.

Uncle Bob’s Ugly Sweater Beer Bottle Cozies – Do you love dressing ugly for the holidays? Then this beer cozy is for you! It comes in a variety of styles to charm any guests attending that ugly sweater party. Plus, it’ll keep your beer insulated and prevent that icky wet label feeling that sometimes happens with an ice cold beer.

Beer Jelly – If you caught our “beer in food” post from way back in October, you know exactly what beer jelly is! If not, i’ll recap: Beer Jelly is exactly what you would expect – a jelly with beer as the main ingredient. It’s great for cheese boards, breads, or a glaze on meat. Beer jelly is great because you get the essence of the beer and its taste without the bitterness of the hops. We have beer jelly available in a range of flavors in our gift shop, including pilsner, IPA, and wheat beer. If this sounds great to you, you’re in luck! We have a gift pack of beer jellies available for purchase in the gift shop!

Of course, this is not an extensive list of all the great things we have available in our gift shop! Come and see for yourself. The gift shop is open every day at 11:00am, and closes 30 minutes after Village closing time.

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