Spotlight on our commercial beers!

Did you know that you can purchase Black Creek beer in the LCBO? We have two great flavors to choose from – Canadian Frontier best bitter ale, and Rifleman’s Ration brown ale! Both are a uniquely crafted choice, and are a great choice if you are looking for something a little different than the other craft beer flavors out there. Not sure which one to pick? Here are some tasting notes for both beers, but you truly can’t go wrong with either one!

Canadian Frontier Best Bitter Ale – Canadian Frontier is an amber colored, malty ale with subtle hints of caramel and malty sweetness. It’s light enough to be a refreshing choice for warmer weather, but the flavors are strong enough that any craft beer fan will truly be impressed.  Originally brewed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Canadian Frontier lives on as a tribute to the English ales that would have been enjoyed by pioneers in small villages in Ontario.

Rifleman’s Ration Brown Ale – Our Rifleman’s Ration is a medium bodied brown ale that pours a chocolate brown color in the glass. This is a rich, malty beer with a slight sweetness and hints of espresso coffee. This beer is inspired by the money earmarked for beer that was given to soldiers stationed in 19th century Canada. Rifleman’s Ration was brewed in honor of the anniversary of the war of 1812, but we have continued to brew it long beyond the bicentennial!

Our beers are available in the LCBO, and in some grocery stores. I’d recommend calling ahead or checking the links above to see store availability near you!

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