Goodbye Porter and Stout… Hello Best Bitter and Pale Ale!

There’s a lot of signs around the village that summer has officially begun. The trees are green and full, the sheep are sheared, and ice cream and freezies are back in the gift shop. However, you know that summer is back when our historic brewery retires our two darkest styles until fall. Our Porter and Stout are perfect for chilly fall and rainy spring days. When summer comes around, our brewmaster switches gears and brews two beers that are perfect for warmer weather – the Pale Ale and the Best Bitter.

Brewery Sampler
Some of our summer beers – lighter in color and taste than our Porter and Stout

Our Pale Ale is a cousin of the India Pale Ale – it has a similar golden orange color in the glass, with hints of citrus as soon as you bring it up to your nose. It has a slight tropical and citrus taste that will remind you of our India Pale Ale, with less hoppy bitterness and intensity. We call the Pale Ale our patio beer, as it is perfect for a hot day like some of the ones we have been having lately!

Our Best Bitter is a very traditional English beer – made with East Kent Golding hops. These hops have a floral and earthy note, so expect a pleasant and light taste. Our Best Bitter may have bitter in its name, but it is actually a very agreeable beer that is low on the IBU scale.

If you’re a fan of our darker beers, don’t fret – our rich and malty brown ale is still in rotation year round. Also as a reminder, our Ginger Beer that was brewed last weekend will be ready to pick up on Saturday!

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