June Specialty Beer: Ginger Ale (Available June 23)

This weekend is our highly anticipated Soldiers and Spies event! It’ll be a weekend full of Revolutionary War themed events, including the Battle of Black Creek! The highlight of each day will be a Revolutionary War battle acted out by re-enactors on our seldom seen North Property.  Kids can also solve clues and crack codes to catch the Yankee spy – perfect for kids who enjoyed the challenge of our March Break mystery. There will also be a live musket demonstration, a mini militia, a rubber band shooting gallery, and more!

Did I mention this was a perfect activity for Father’s Day?

Along with our usual lineup of historic ales, our brewmaster Ed has also brewed an alcoholic ginger beer that will be available on June 23rd. Ed will be brewing it the weekend of the battle, but will be selling it the next weekend so it has time to ferment. Ginger beer fits well into the time period of the village – the alcoholic version of this drink was popular in the 1860s. Ginger beers were usually as weak as table beers (1-2% ABV), and were consumed in a time before non-alcoholic soft drinks and sodas were common.

Ginger beer began to dip in popularity with the introduction of ginger ale – a non-alcoholic ginger drink that had a sweeter, less spicy, and more carbonated feel than ginger beer. Unlike ginger beer, ginger ale is made with a minimal amount of ginger, and relies more on ginger flavoring. Needless to say, ginger ale proved to be the much more common choice when prohibition rolled around in 1920.

Nowadays you can purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic ginger beer, depending on your preference. If you’re a fan of alcoholic ginger beer, you’re in luck! Ed’s ginger beer comes in at about 5% ABV, and is made with real ginger. It is a malty, slightly spicy beer that pours a deep amber color in the glass. The mild spice is balanced by the sweet note of the malt making for a refreshing, palate-pleasing beer!

The brewery will be open from 1:00 to 5:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were joined down in the brewery by a few thirsty soldiers.

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