Beer Themed Gifts for Father’s Day

Can you believe Father’s Day is next weekend? Time really flies! Maybe you had no idea, and you now feel slightly underprepared. Or maybe you’re completely stumped on an idea for a gift. Luckily for you, the Black Creek Pioneer Village gift shop has a ton of fun and interesting beer themed gifts available just in time for Father’s Day!


Cooking with Beer book by Jean Paré

We have a ton of beer themed books in our gift shop, including a history of brewing in Ontario, and a guide to different breweries in the province. This one is especially fun, and very aesthetically pleasing. Cooking with Beer is full of beautiful full page color photos, and easy to make recipes that any dad would love! From dips to breads to burgers to stews, this book offers versatility and the fun of using beer in a recipe!


Black Creek Brewery Glassware

We have a range of themed glassware, from pint glasses to small 4oz mason jar glasses. The small mason jars are what we use for tasting flights in the brewery! If you’re a fan of our historic ale, what’s better than drinking it out of a themed pint glass? You could even  get really creative and purchase a few 4oz glasses to do your own flights at home.


Black Creek Brewery Merchandise

Does your dad collect ball caps? Maybe orange is his color? We have a ton of great Black Creek Historic Brewery merchandise available! We have beautiful scarves, winter pom pom hats, t-shirts of all colors, and ball caps.


Novelty Bottle Openers

These bottle openers are not only fun, but useful! We have quite a few to choose from, including a sandal, a bicycle, and one that aptly reads “save water, drink beer.” Also pictured here are our upcycled beer magnets, which also make a very fun gift.


Upcycled Beer Glasses

These are some of the most interesting beer glasses you will ever find. They are upcycled, which means they are made from real beer bottles. We have tons of fun ones, like beer tac toe, beer bottle hangman, and beer search. Or, you can keep it traditional with an upcycled glass with the Historic Brewery logo on it.


As you can see, we have a ton of interesting gifts to choose from! If this list has piqued your interest, we have so much more in our gift shop. Beer soap, beer jelly, growler carriers, and more! We also have two liter growlers of our historic ale, which is guaranteed to be a hit present and cement your status as the favorite child. All of this and more can be found at the Black Creek Pioneer Village gift shop, which is open daily from 11:00 to half an hour after village closing time.

2 thoughts on “Beer Themed Gifts for Father’s Day

    1. June,

      Yes, you can order beer shampoo online from specialty stores, or websites like Amazon. However, our Rifleman’s Ration beer soap is only available through our gift shop.

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