May Specialty Beer: Apricot Ale

Our first specialty brew of the season is almost ready! May is a busy time around the village – from May 19th to 21st, we will be hosting our annual Pirates and Princesses event! There will be a charm school, a royal ball, a treasure hunt, and more!

If you need a break from this weekend’s excitement, you can head down to the historic brewery to try our first specialty beer of the season – our Apricot Ale! Our Apricot Ale is a malty and sweet beer that pours pale gold in the glass and smells like fresh apricot. Our brewmaster Ed uses real apricot puree, so expect a light and fruity taste.

The most famous royal of the time – Queen Victoria herself!

Our (19 and older) pirates and princesses will be drinking a lovely apricot ale this weekend… but what did real royalty enjoy drinking? According to the BBC’s History Extra, Queen Victoria herself had quite an appetite for fancy food and drink. While Victoria did not usually drink ale, she still had a taste for alcoholic beverages. One of her favorites was mulled wine, a spiced and sweet red wine mixture that could be served warm. The Queen also enjoyed harder liquor such as whiskey, especially later in her life. However, no beverage could top the traditional royal favorite – tea!

So whether you relate to royalty like Victoria, or prefer to behave like a pirate instead, there’s a lot of fun activities planned for the entire long weekend. Our Apricot Ale will be available starting May 19th, so be sure to come and visit before we run out!

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