All about beer soap!

One of my favorite things about the gift shop here at Black Creek Pioneer Village is the versatility of the things we sell. We have a great selection of beer themed items, including our Rifleman’s Ration beer soap. This soap is made with our commercial brown ale, and it smells amazing. It’s sustainable, fresh, and made in small batches… like our historic ales!


Beer may seem like an odd choice to put in soap, but it adds so much benefit to a cold press soap recipe. Beer adds a thickness and creaminess to the lather of soap, and can also give it a unique smell or color. Our Rifleman’s Ration beer soaps have a creamy feel when touched, and a lovely smell that reminds me of the rich malty notes of our brown ale but with a touch of spearmint.

Beer soap is great for your skin and hair. If you purchase natural beer soap, you’ll notice the thick foaminess of the lather. Not only is it moisturizing for troubled skin, but it is great as a shampoo! I can’t say I’ve tried our Rifleman’s Ration soap as a shampoo before (perhaps a post for another time…) but beer soaps in general contain vitamins from brewer’s yeast that are excellent for hair.

So what other unexpected benefits are hidden in beer soap? Here’s a short list, as laid out in this article in Esquire Magazine:

  • Clearing up acne, skin redness, and irritation
  • Balancing the oil level on your skin, which can also help to control future breakouts
  • Moisturizing, which is great for dry skin
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Full of vitamins such as B12, riboflavin, and biotin which is notoriously good for hair and skin.

I would say that’s a pretty good case for a soap that contains your favorite beverage. We have Rifleman’s Ration brown ale soap stocked here in our gift shop along with many other fun beer themed selections. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, perhaps? 😉

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