Our favorite flower

Happy Easter everyone! Easter is one of my favorite holidays – it reminds me of spring, blooming flowers, and warm weather (hopefully) around the corner.  Spring is especially exciting at the village.. we are getting ready to open at the end of April. Our sheep are also quite pregnant and we are expecting lambs any day now! In the spirit of the season of flowers, let’s talk about some of the hops we use here in the Black Creek brewery! Hops are technically a flower after all… so lets get into the spring spirit and take a look at some of our favorite varieties of hops!

Our mystery hops growing at Black Creek Pioneer Village

East Kent Golding Hops
Location of origin: England
Found in: Our historic Best Bitter ale

East Kent Golding is one of the most famous varieties of English hops. They have a much less fruity taste and smell than a North American variety, instead possessing more floral and earthy notes. Our Best Bitter is a very traditional English ale, so it calls for a very traditional English hop to be used in the brewing process. You can expect a beer brewed with East Kent Golding hops to be floral, herbal, and fresh tasting. This perfectly describes our Best Bitter.

Citra and Nugget Hops
Location of origin: United States
Found in: Our historic India Pale Ale

Citra and Nugget hops are some of my favorite varieties of hop that we use. Both possess a strong citrusy and floral aroma. These fruity hops are the the stars of our historic India Pale Ale, and give it that incredible citrus grapefruit taste and aroma. These hops are also excellent for bittering, and give our IPA that nice balanced bitterness. Beer brewed with Citra and/or Nugget hops are usually very tropical tasting, with a bitter bite that will satisfy any hardcore India Pale Ale fan.

Cascade Hops
Location of origin: United States
Found in: Our historic Pale Ale

Just as East Kent Golding hops are the quintessential British hop, Cascade hops are a signature choice for brewing a North American style brew. We use Cascade hops as part of the hop blend in our Pale Ale – an ale that is still very citrusy and floral, but not quite as strong as our India Pale Ale. Cascade hops also have more of an earthy, pine note than a hop like Citra. The result is a light and refreshing Pale Ale that is perfect for a summer afternoon.

Mystery Hops
Location of origin: ???
Found in: Our Wet Hop Ale

Our Wet Hop ale is a big treat down in the brewery – this brew uses fresh hops instead of dried ones. Our brewmaster Ed likens this to using fresh herbs instead of dried ones when cooking. At the end of summer, we harvest the hops growing on the village property in order to make this amazing Wet Hop ale. But there’s just one thing… we aren’t exactly sure what type of hops we are using! According to Ed, the person responsible for planting the hops left before they could let anyone know what variety they planted. The mystery of the Wet Hop ale has puzzled us down in the brewery, but Ed guesses they are something similar to a Cascade hop. Our mystery hop is not very aggressive in taste or smell, and has notes of light floral, citrus, and earthy flavors. Whatever it is, it’s definitely good!

Hops to you,


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