Canada 150 is now Canadian Frontier

Last year, we released our Canada 150 Best Bitter ale to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. This was the commercial version of our historic Best Bitter ale, known for its light and easy-drinking taste. Canada’s 150th birthday celebration can’t last forever, but you can continue to enjoy our Best Bitter well into 2018. Our Canada 150 brew is back with a new name – Canadian Frontier. You can find Canadian Frontier Best Bitter ale at your local LCBO, along with our Rifleman’s Ration Brown ale.

Canada 150 is now Canadian Frontier

Canadian Frontier is an amber colored, malty ale with subtle hints of caramel. It’s light enough to be a refreshing choice for warmer weather, but the flavors are strong enough that any craft beer fan will truly be impressed.  Down in the brewery, we affectionately refer to our Best Bitter as a “patio beer,” so when patio season slowly but surely comes around again this is a perfect choice! Check out the availability on the LCBO website, and immerse yourself in history with a pint of Canadian Frontier!

Hops to you,



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