New Brew: Chocolate/Vanilla Porter

There’s another new beer in the fridges!

This year's Spirited Affair is Saturday, October 3!

This year’s Spirited Affair is Saturday, October 3!

One of the silent auction prizes in last year’s Spirited Affair was the chance to design and brew your own beer with Ed. Our lucky winner Kimball has given us something truly delicious. This is a sweet chocolate/vanilla porter. It’s a rich, full-bodied dessert beer: dark, rich, and loaded with chocolate flavour. A small addition of lactose also lends sweetness and creaminess – much like a Milk Stout. This brew would pair well with your favourite desserts: cakes, brownies, and anything else sweet and rich.

It’ll be available for purchase this weekend, and as usual, will last until it’s all gone.

One last thing: Kimbal has named this beer the “Anne-Marie,” after his wife. We think that’s the sweetest note of all! 🙂




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  1. OOOO looking forward to the Anne-Marie !

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