Last Call!

My dear friends,

Remember how, way back on May 1st, I said that there were so many amazing things to cram into eight months, I wasn’t sure how we would ever reach the end of the season?

Well, here we are.

Another season has passed, and we are into our last few days of 2014. And what a season it was!

We started the dog days of summer with a new brew: a sweet and spicy Ginger Beer. Then we toasted Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers as we hosted the Humber River Shakespeare company on our own Town Hall Green. The hops were harvested and ghostly tales consumed alongside historic ales. We said, “Cheese!” and “Cheers!” and warmed ourselves with Ed’s delightfully citrusy Winter Warmer. You toured with us, sampled with us, and some of you even made beer with us.

Yes, another wonderful season. But what now?

The historic brewery will be closed from December 24th to May 1st, but you will still find our beer in the LCBO. In fact, our LCBO gift pack is in select stores now, featuring our Rifleman’s Ration, Pale Ale, Porter, and a new beer – the Brilliant. Clearer and more effervescent than one usually expects for our time period, the Brilliant is a light, slightly sweet, and oh-so-quaffable brew. Lightly toasted malts blend well with a dry finish.


And I’ll still be here, writing away! While I hope for a wee rest with my wee heavies the rest of this month, you can expect more of the usual social history and beer geekery in the New Year. With several trips to the US planned, I’ll once again be resuming my role as travelling beer journalist, reporting on brews and breweries stateside.

Thanks again, all of you who came down to our historic brewery to chat, to taste, and to cheer. Have a safe and happy holiday season and we’ll see you in 2015!

To Queen and Country!


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