The Black Creek Brewery Goes to Baltimore

Once again, your trusty beer journalist has gone international!

I spent this past weekend at the Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention (better known as Balticon). While I was primarily attending as my fantasy author alter-ego, I was also there in the capacity of Black Creek Beer Expert.

Our porter, spotted in the wilds of America! (A fellow Canadian author brought it down - I was thrilled)
Our porter, spotted in the wilds of America! (A fellow Canadian brought it down – I was thrilled!)

Besides participating on science fiction and fantasy panels, I was invited to give a talk on historic beers. After all, if an author had a medieval setting, wherein the hero drinks an ice-cold, hoppy beer with lots of head…well, that wouldn’t be historically accurate. Not at all.

Hence my presentation: 45 minutes to discuss three distinct time periods (Ancient Egypt/Mesopotamia, Medieval Europe, Victorian Canada/Britain) and also spread the word about the Black Creek Historic Brewery. I’m pleased to say that the talk was well-attended and received many positive comments…as well as a number of inquiries about Black Creek!

2014-05-25 17.02.20

I also received numerous requests to make the talk available online. Since we are all about education and beer knowledge here at the Black Creek Growler, I think that sounds like a fine idea! My plan is to record the presentation and sync it to my slides – hopefully, the video will be available within a few days. When it is, I will update this blog accordingly. 🙂

Until then, we look forward to seeing you in the brewery!



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