BadWolf Brewing Company: Part 2

And welcome to the second half of my experience at the BadWolf Brewing Company. Like Black Creek, BadWolf’s roster changes constantly. The day I went, my friend and I shared a flight of six different samples, covering a range of strengths and styles.


Cereus (ABV: 7.9%)

This Belgian blonde was a cloudy, honey-gold colour (remember, BadWolf doesn’t pasteurize or filter its beers, just like us!). A fruity, sweet nose gave way to a delicate maltiness. The emphasis here was on the citrus notes and hint of honey—this was not an overly hoppy beer.


Burnt Wit (ABV: 7.7%)

Light brown in the glass, a couple shades darker than amber. Didn’t smell a lot on this one, but it had a complex smokiness with a richly satisfying aftertaste—it was a filling beer, smoother on the tongue than the Cereus. Interesting factoid: the Burnt Wit was made with rare Belgian yeasts!


Englishish IPA (ABV: 6.5%)

The Englishish IPA was darker than ours, more of an amber colour. The hops were milder than I expected, but it was still fairly sharp on the tongue. Just a hint of citrus to finish—again, less than I’d expected.


The Englishish IPA
The Englishish IPA

ISB (India Special Bitter) (ABV: 7.1%)

Ah, this was one of my favourites: a hybrid between an India Pale Ale and an Extra-Special Bitter. With a copper-amber hue and a very small head, it had a very distinctive citrus aroma. Actually, it reminded me quite a bit of our IPA, which is possibly why I liked it so much. The hops were quite pronounced, with more grapefruit on the aftertaste. At first sip, this beer felt quite light and sharp, but after polishing off the sample, it had more body than I originally thought.


Sour Red (ABV: 3.5%)

And we dip below 6% for the first time all afternoon. This was a very attractive beer: a dark reddish-copper. This one was smoother and more malt-oriented than the slew of pale ales. Acid malt provided just a bit of sourness on the finish, but really, this was quite a mild, innocuous beer. An “intro beer,” if you will…


Chocolate Stout
Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Stout (ABV: 5.4%)

I will preface this by saying that I don’t usually drink stouts. In general, I prefer hoppier beers. As you probably guessed, the stout was the darkest of the bunch: I couldn’t see through it. Chocolate hit me as soon as the glass neared my nose and popped up as soon as the beer touched my tongue. The chocolate then devolved into a rich, smooth maltiness with just a hint of smoke…and then the aftertaste came.

My goodness.

Just when I thought we were done with the chocolate, it returned with a vengeance, filling my nose.

I don’t usually drink stouts. I think this was my favourite.


Next stop: Lost Rhino Brewery!

My friend finished the Chocolate Stout; I returned to the ISB.
My friend finished the Chocolate Stout; I returned to the ISB.


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