New Brew: Winter Warmer

Frost gleams on the boardwalks when I arrive at Black Creek in the mornings. There’s also been a definite bite to the wind lately.

So our Winter Warmer is here just in time!

We’ve come to our final specialty brew of 2013, and Ed has brewed up a seasonal favourite. Our Winter Warmer will be officially available on Saturday, December 7th. The Winter Warmer hasn’t always been called by that particular name, but it’s been a fairly common practice over the centuries for brewers to gravitate towards heavier-bodied, more alcoholic beers when the weather turns cold. Winter Warmers tend to vary from brewer to brewer, with each favouring their own blend of flavours, aromas, and spices.

Our Winter Warmer is a full-bodied, complex ale. In essence, it’s our Stout, laced with vanilla, cardamom (a warm, aromatic spice, kind of like a ginger-cinnamon hybrid), and some licorice root. Its ABV of 6.5% will also keep you toasty on these chilly winter nights!

The Winter Warmer will only be available at the Black Creek Historic Brewery for a limited time (until the season ends or we run out – whichever happens first!) And as a general reminder, Black Creek closes for the season on Monday, December 23rd. Come for a sample or visit before we close up shop!


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