New Brew: Pumpkin Ale

At long last (and we know you’ve been waiting, oh-so-patiently! 😛 ), it’s finally here!

Ed’s Pumpkin Ale hit our fridges this morning. As Karell noted last year, Ed “…roasted pie pumpkins and used his own blend of spices to brew this beer that reminds me of my Mom’s pumpkin pie.” It’s autumn in a glass, perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween celebrations.

Our Howling Hootenanny weekends are also upon us: October 19/20 and 26/27. If you find you need some refreshment after all that trick-or-treating and apple-slinging (though I’ve no idea how ANYONE could get tired of the apple slingshot), come join us in the historic brewery for a visit!


5 thoughts on “New Brew: Pumpkin Ale

  1. Just tried your new Pumpkin Ale after seeing it at the LCBO. I had tried my first pumpkin ale down in NYC from a place called Brooklyn Breweries and really liked it. Yours is probably the best one I have tried since. Thank you for your fine craftsmanship. It will be served at our house when our friends and family come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you

  2. Bought the Pumpkin Ale at the LCBO & was disappointed…flat! Tasted it but no fizz. Is this normal? Loved the taste but couldn’t finish it. Dave

    1. Hi Dave,

      Sorry to hear of your experience. The Pumpkin Ale in the LCBO is brewed at our offsite brewery in Oakville. As you know, the commercial versions of our beers are modern: pasteurised, filtered, and carbonated (unlike the beer brewed at our historic brewery at BCPV – that beer IS meant to taste flat to a modern palate!). We are aware there’s been an issue with this year’s batch of commercial Pumpkin Ale and are working to rectify it. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

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