New Brew: Lemon Balm-Mint Ale

We’re getting towards the end of August, and you know what that means! Time for a cool and refreshing ale!

Ed’s Lemon Balm Pale Ale has been consistently well received, so he’s brewing another batch. This crisp pale ale has a hint of mint flavour and lemon aroma courtesy of the herb, Lemon Balm (this year, Ed’s also added some extra mint to heighten those notes). For those unfamiliar with lemon balm, it’s a bushy herb related to mint that is easily recognizable by the strong lemon smell given off by its crushed leaves. In the past Lemon Balm was considered a healing and soothing plant, and especially effective in relieving pain due to indigestion. Lemon Balm was also used to impart a lemony taste and smell to many beverages and foods.

Some Lemon Balm!
Some Lemon Balm!

The ale is aging now (and even though it’s still quite young, it already tastes delicious!) and will be for sale starting August 24th, only at Black Creek Historic Brewery located in the heart of Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario. As per usual, this specialty brew will be available only for a very limited time – until the fridges are empty!

– Katie

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