New Brew – Raspberry Porter

Ed has brewed up a batch of Raspberry Porter in celebration of our Mid-Century Carnival event over the next two weekends (July 13th & 14th and 20th and 21st) at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  The Mid-Century Carnival features incredible acts including the Mental Floss SideShow and Zoltan the Adequate.  Don’t miss the World of Wonders Dime Museum and School of Clowning!

After you’ve enjoyed the entertainment, slip down to the brewery and check out our selection of period ales.  Ed expects the Raspberry Porter to be a rich malty beer with hints of chocolate in the flavour with a slight tart finish and a complex fruity aroma.  He recommends pairing it with desserts such as cheese cake, chocolate brownies or a mild soft cheese.  Available beginning Friday, July 12th, the Raspberry Porter is available as a sample or in 2L growlers only at Black Creek Pioneer Village while supplies last!

2 thoughts on “New Brew – Raspberry Porter

  1. I am a born Canadian yet, I confess, meekly and apologetically (I am Canadian afterall) that I am not fond of beer. However, a friend of mine bought me some the Black Creek brews available at the LCBO and I must say I do enjoy drinking them and appreciate the history associated with them. Keep up the good work. I wish the Black Creek Brewery much future success and popularity (but not too much as then you might become mainstream and that would be icky). I am following your blog and look forward to hearing more about Canadian brewing history.

    1. Hi there!

      As we say in the brewery: “Beer is a very personal thing; there is no right or wrong answer” (I sometimes add the caveat, “Except for Coors Light,” but I jest. Mostly.). So it’s ok to not be a huge beer drinker (I’m not either, ironically). The important thing is trying it, and we’re so glad you did! Thank you for your kind words – we hope you continue to enjoy our brewery!

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