Parks Canada has a neat website called HistoricPlaces.ca.  It’s an online portal to the Canadian Register of Historic Place (CRHP) and features information, images and designations for historic places across the country.  Two of the included properties are the Don Brewery and part of Alexander Keith’s brewery complex.  While there are only a few breweries listed, there are several buildings associated with the business including the home of the Kuntz family in Waterloo (who ran the Kuntz Brewery, the second largest brewery in Ontario at one point) and numerous taverns and inns.  It can also find local historic buildings by allowing the website to access your current location.  Some of the buildings have their current uses listed (Keith’s brewery complex is now home to the Halifax Farmers Market, restaurants and offices).  The registry doesn’t mention the Malthouse Loft Townhouses that currently occupy the Don Brewery premises, but that may simply be an oversight, or the registry was completed prior to the conversion.  Either way, it’s always great to see historic sites repurposed for contemporary uses rather than being torn down!


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