New Brew – Sweet Stout (Milk Stout)

Ed bottled up the batch of Sweet  Stout (or milk stout as they used to call it) and will have it ready for purchase tomorrow at Black Creek Historic Brewery.  It’s a big, bold, sweet stout that is as dark as it gets, with a big roasted grain flavour backed by some residual sweetness provided by the lactose he added during the boil. Lactose, an unfermentable sugar is a by-product of the cheese making industry. It’s a complex sugar which the brewer’s yeast can’t digest which leaves a pleasant sweet finish to the beer.  Milk beer was first invented in the 1870s.  John Henry Johnson applied for the first patent on a recipe for a milk beer in London in 1875.  Milk stouts were primarily brewed in England, and became increasingly popular in certain areas of England.  The longest continuously brewed commercial milk stout is Mackeson Stout which began brewing in 1907 and continues to be brewed today.  Come out to the Village this Thanksgiving weekend and try a sample or take home a growler while supplies last.  This brew is not available in LCBO stores.


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