NOW Magazine toasts our Rifleman’s Ration

Rifleman’s Ration standing guard outside the Harness Shop at Black Creek Pioneer Village – Photo by Pat Fillion

Graham Duncan over at NOW magazine recently reviewed our Rifleman’s Ration and judging by the NNNN rank I suppose he enjoyed it!  He wrote:

“… it’s just the thing for a cookout.  Most grilled dishes, after being sauced like Jim Lahey and then engulfed in flames, will overwhelm your proverbial frosty blond lager.  So call in the heavy artillery.  This big, malty mouthful, with its soft carbonation and long, hop-tinged finish, will bravely defend the garrison of your taste buds”

We think it’s pretty awesome too!  You can check out the full article at NOW.  500 mL bottles retail at $3.95 and are 5.0% Alcohol/Vol.  Rifleman’s Ration is a seasonal offering and will soon be disappearing off the shelves to make way for the next release in our historic beer series, so head over to the LCBO and try it out before it’s gone!

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