Field of Dreams

Barley Field No. 2

Meet our newest addition to the Black Creek Historic Brewery – Barley Field No. 2!  After the success of our One Mile Estate Ale last year, we’ve expanded our barley production from 1/2 an acre to a full acre.  We’re growing Formosa Barley, a 2 row barley noted for it’s excellent ‘standability’ and disease resistance.  As our farming is all done by hand without pesticides, both factors are important!  Formosa barley is also noted as an excellent malting barley – which is what it is destined for.  There are two, four and six-row varieties of barley.  According to the Brewer’s Handbook by Tom Goldammer, two and six-row barleys are suitable for brewing.  Four row barley is primarily used for animal feed.  Six-row barley is usually used when additional ingredients, such as corn or rice are added to the mash.  Most recipes from our time period don’t specify the type of barley to be used, or refer to “malting barley”.  Two-row barley is the standard for traditional English style ales – and the barley of choice at Black Creek Historic Brewery.

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