Summer Standards and a Rifleman’s Ration – New Brews

Ed, our Brew Master, has decided that it’s just too dang hot to drink Stout and Porter all summer!  Instead he’ll be brewing English Mild and an Ordinary Bitter beers as regulars through the summer.  In the Victorian era, dark beers were usually reserved for the cooler season with lighter beers taking the lead in the summer, so Ed is right on track.  The English Mild will be around 3.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and the Ordinary Bitter should be around 4.5% ABV.  Both are considered session beers, which Ed assures me means “you can drink a lot of it”!  The Mild and Bitter will be joining our regular rotation of Pale Ale and Brown Ale for the rest of the summer beginning this week.

Ed has also brewed up a batch of his Rifleman’s Ration in our historic brewery – so anyone interested in comparing the commercial LCBO version with the historic version is welcome to stop by Black Creek Pioneer Village’s Historic Brewery to taste the difference!  2L Growlers are available on-site only for $16!

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