Rifleman’s Ration – Now Available in the LCBO

Black Creek’s latest LCBO offering is now available!  Black Creek celebrates the bicentennial of the War of 1812 with our Rifleman’s Ration (LCBO #294272).  During the War of 1812, soldiers were given beer money – a penny a day in the British service – with which to purchase beer or spirits.  Prior to 1800 they were given rations of beer alongside their meals.  With the introduction of beer money, taverns and bars sprung up around garrisons to offer their wares to parched soldiers.  Beer money continued to be part of the British military allowances until 1873 when it was rolled into daily wages.  Local officials encouraged the brewing and consumption of beer and alcohol as it gave local farmers a place to sell their grains and hops.  Our Rifleman’s Ration celebrates this tradition by only using ingredients grown by farmers in Ontario – making it a beer we can really call our own!  So stop by the LCBO and pick up a 500ml bottle ($3.95), and toast to our victory in the War of 1812!


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