Just Announced – Specialty Brews for 2012

Black Creek Historic Brewery, located at Black Creek Pioneer Village, has just announced the list of specialty brews for 2012.  Our little brewery has become known for producing unique specialty beers, some based on historic recipes, others dreamt up by Ed our Brew Master!  These handmade ales will be available on site at Black Creek Pioneer Village only – not in LCBO locations.  Announcements will be made on the blog as each brew becomes available.

June 2012 – Spruce Beer

July 2012 – Maple Beer & Raspberry Ale

August 2012 – Lemon Balm Beer & Sage Beer

September 2012 – Wet Hop Pale Ale

October 2012 – Sweet Stout & Pumpkin Ale

November 2012 – Estate Ale (1 Mile Beer)

December – Winter Warmer

Leave a comment to let us know which specialty brew you’re most looking forward to!

6 thoughts on “Just Announced – Specialty Brews for 2012

  1. I can’t wait for the spruce ale, made a batch myself 20 yrs ago and haven’t had any since. How bout a nice nettle ale too?

    1. Hi Brandon, our Growlers (1.9 L) currently retail for $16 ($4 of which is the deposit on the bottle which is fully refundable).

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