New Brew – Pumpkin Ale

Ed has brewed a batch of pumpkin ale to celebrate the season.  He roasted pie pumpkins and used his own blend of spices to brew this beer that reminds me of my Mom’s pumpkin pie.  Available in the historic brewery for a limited time, stop by to pick up a growler or sample his latest creation!  The Pumpkin Ale will be available beginning this weekend (October 22, 2011), so stop by to enjoy our Howling Hootenanny event!  For older audiences, the pumpkin ale will also be available during our All Hallows’ Eve event next Saturday evening (October 29th, 2011).

2 thoughts on “New Brew – Pumpkin Ale

  1. Wish they would send the pumpkin ale 2 the lcbo so i could try it. I had there Pale ale & porter once and today saw there stout in the lcbo and boyught one. So far yer beer’s have been good but not outstanding but goo enough I enjoy trying them pout and have no problem trying other’s from this brewery. Mabye the have some amazng stuff I han’t had yt IDK. cheer’s. P.S. Is every beer 5%?

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