LCBO Launch! – Black Creek Porter

It’s finally happened, after a very long year, Black Creek Historic Brewery is thrilled to announce that our porter is now available in select LCBO stores in Toronto and the GTA.  Sold in 500mL bottles, our porter has been described as a smooth dark beer with notes of coffee and dark chocolate, making it a perfect mate for rich foods and desserts!  Retailing for $3.55 a bottle, make sure to pick up a few next time you’re at the LCBO!  If it’s not available at your local outlet, put in a request! 

Click here for the LCBO product listing and to find out where it’s available!

We’d love to hear any feedback on our Porter, let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “LCBO Launch! – Black Creek Porter

    1. Hi Dave,

      The Black Creek Porter is brewed in Trafalgar’s facilities by Pioneer Breweries Ltd. At Black Creek Pioneer Village we brew our historic beer which we sell in growlers on site. Due to space limitations and the fact that we don’t have the ability to produce commercial volumes at Black Creek, we have made arrangements for our brewer to brew our commercial batches at Trafalgar (where they are also bottled). This gives us the chance to reach a larger audience and to produce a beer that has a longer shelf and fridge life than our historic brews. The LCBO made a mistake on their website when they listed the beer as brewed by Trafalgar Ales and Meads and we’re in the process of getting that corrected.

    1. Hello Radek,

      The Porter brewed at Black Creek Pioneer Village is barrel aged, however it’s only available for purchase at Black Creek. The Black Creek Porter available in the LCBO is commercially produced by Pioneer Breweries Ltd and is made in a modern brewing facility and brewed in stainless steel vats. If you want to try the barrel aged porter, you’ll have to drop by for a visit!

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