New Brew – Wet Hop Pale Ale

Moments before picking, an hour before brewing!

Well, it was supposed to be a surprise for Brews Fest this weekend, but Ed couldn’t contain himself!  Announcing our one-time only Wet Hop Pale Ale.  Brewed with freshly picked hops grown at Black Creek Pioneer Village, this will be the first beer ever made with the hops grown in the Village!  Traditionally, beer is brewed with hops that have been dried.  Some of the volatile flavours apparent in fresh hops are lost during the drying, packaging and storing process that hops undergo before being sold to breweries.  Our Wet Hop Pale Ale can only be made once a year when the hops are ready for harvesting.  Ed’s hoping the flavours will be floral with hints of citrus, though we really won’t know until we open the cask!  Come down to Brews Fest at the Village on Saturday and Sunday to try this rare beer before it’s all gone!

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