New Brew – Maple Brown Ale

Fall Leaves at Black Creek

Ed is brewing up a storm in the cooler weather.  The leaves are beginning to turn at the Village and it’s inspired Ed to brew a Maple Brown Ale using beautiful C grade Maple Syrup produced in Ontario.  While C grade syrup may make you think it’s lower quality, it’s actually the best for brewing as it is dark, and highly flavourful.  Ed is hoping to get a Brown Ale with a hint of maple in the finish and aroma.  This brew will be available in the brewery beginning on Friday, September 17th, 2010.  September 18th is Black Creek’s 54th Annual Pioneer Festival, and one of our busiest days, so if you’re interested in trying this brew, Friday and Saturday the 17th and 18th are your best bet!

3 thoughts on “New Brew – Maple Brown Ale

    1. The Maple Brown was a specialty brew we did in the summer. We likely won’t be doing it again until next year when we have some more maple syrup ready! Watch this blog for other specialty brews as they pop up!

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