Ana and Blythe’s Beer Blog

BLYTHE:  It’s a cold blustery day at Black Creek – the leaves have mostly fallen off the trees, and there is a definite nip in the air. Which is why Ana and I are sitting in front of a fire with our mugs of…tea? Yes, tea – that is what Ladies drink – right Ana?

 ANA:  Right Blythe – although it is tempting to drink all of our beer…but

      ANA takes a sip of ‘tea’

 we have to save some for the visitors!

 BLYTHE:  Yes! Gentle Readers, we beer maidens’ abstain from indulging our love of beer for the greater good.

 ANA:  I have something important to say – but first – we should have beer capes Blythe.

BLYTHE:  Yes – and sashes and badges too!       

ANA:  Wow Blythe, we’re really serious about beer! Now back to my important question, what was your favourite part of the season?

 BLYTHE:  Let me think – Oh! I know! The first time our brew masters’ made pumpkin ale. The smells of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, coriander and freshly baked pumpkin wafted through the Half Way House….

ANA:   That’s punkalicious!

 BLYTHE: Yes Ana – but do you remember how it tasted?

ANA:   Mmmmm… was like alcoholic pumpkin pie. I remember a lot of snappy hop flavour and fruit to it too.

BLYTHE:  Agreed. Ed, Lou, Ken and Brent did a great job brewing the pumpkin ale all October.

ANA:  I can’t wait to taste what the guys come up with for Christmas – it’s bound to be a seasonal treat.

BLYTHE:  Like Cranbeery?

ANA:  Blythe…

BLYTHE:  Or Fir Tree Ale? Mistletoe Guinness? Reindeer Stout?

ANA:  Blythe…

BLYTHE: Silent Night Porter? Turtle Dove Brown Ale? Candy Cane Pale Ale?

ANA:  Blythe!


ANA: You’re being ridiculous. You can make beer out of a lot of things – but those are just outlandish.

BLYTHE:  I suppose so…But Ana, what was your favourite part of the season?

ANA:  Well I particularly enjoyed receiving the new Character Cards we give out to our tours. The cards added a whole new dimension to our groups! Some people were shocked to learn that Bloor Street in Toronto was named after a brewer. So many streets are!

BLYTHE:  Yeah – and some streets are named by Temperance Advocates. Jesse Ketchum named Temperance Street and then donated land to the city on the condition that a Temperance Hall be built.

ANA:   It’s amazing to think what a big impact the brewing industry has had on the city landscapes of today.

BLYTHE:  Maybe our own little brewery will some day have a street named after it! ‘Black Creek Pioneer Village Historic Brewery Street!’ Has a ring to it – several rings in fact!

ANA:   Well, all we can do is dream, Blythe.                                                                                

        Both girls take a sip of tea.


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