Tutored Tastings

Join us this Thursday, Nov. 12, at Black Creek Historic Brewery as renowned “beerologist” Mirella Amato gives a Tutored Tasting of classic Beer Styles.

A Tutored Tasting is a great opportunity to taste a variety of beer styles in the company of friends and a knowledgeable guide. Mirella Amato will give tips on the flavours to look for, share some history and fun facts, and of course, answer questions.

Beer comes in a multitude flavours and colours from light gold to dark brown, with a wide range of different aromas. How does the bouquet introduce you to the taste? Is it sweet, hoppy or malty? Beer is refreshing on its own, but its flavour can be enhanced when paired with certain foods. What beers go with which foods? Which are better with cheeses, and which go with dessert? Then answers can be surprising!

Mirella is a former opera singer who speaks, writes and teaches about beer. Her engaging, and highly informative tutored tasting have been a tremendous success with audiences around the GTA and beyond since 2006.

Click here to sign up.


The Black Creek Growler



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