Smelling Beer…

The Mash TunIt’s happened – I’ve become one of those people who smell beer.

Six months ago I never dreamed this would be a possibility, having only recently decided I could drink beer with some modicum of satisfaction. But, yes, that was me telling Black Creek Historic Brewery ‘I’d love to give tours on beer!’ About a month later I was given a massive stack of readings and sent forth to digest. The learning curves on this project have been huge, but learn I have. Not only have I learned about the technical side of the brewing process (which was initially dizzying in and of itself!), but about the people who lived and breathed beer in the 1860’s – which turned out to be everyone. At first I was convinced that I would never understand, much less be able to explain, the beer process even to my stuffed animals. The number of evenings I spent drilling myself on the terms (Malting! Milling! Mash ton! Cooling ship? Sorry, please try again!) were numerous, but now even my stuffed animals can give a 19th century beer tour!

Modern beer drinkers are daily embarking on my beer odyssey with me – and I’ve found that they too now smell beer by the end! My fellow beer adventurers are what make this enjoyable I’ve found – for what fun is it to horde information? It’s much more fun to show off (and of course share) what you’ve learned! Half the battle on a tour is your audience, and I’ve been grateful to have everyone along for the ride.

 When I agreed to embark on this beer odyssey in April it just sounded like a fun prospect, part of the adventure that is Black Creek Pioneer Village. What I understand now, and what any beer enthusiast can tell you, is that beer is a way of life. So come listen to me show off – er – I mean share!

  To Queen and Country!

  Blythe, ‘Beer Expert.’


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