City Bites Reviews the Brewery

The new issue of City Bites hit the streets today, with a fantastic review of the Brewery! Renowned author and beer critic Stephen Beaumont visited this summer and sampled the beer.

“I tried the IPA and the stout, the former straight from the barrel and the latter via growler, and found little to dislike about either. The IPA showed ample notes of wood and fruit in the aroma, along with evident tannins, and followed through with grapey, dried apricot fruitiness in the body buoyed by a generous kick of hoppiness.”

“The stout demonstrated itself as a rather reserved ale, with a gently roasted aroma and taste supported by some raisiny notes and, again, a good degree of woodiness, all culminating in a surprisingly soft finish… I suggest strongly that you head up to Black Creek and find out for yourself.”

City Bites provides information on the best restaurants, top chefs, latest food and eating trends in Toronto. It was distributed in today’s Globe and Mail and you can also find the magazine at a number of locations around the city, (listed at:

If you haven’t checked it out already, go visit Stephen Beaumont’s blog, “World of Beer” at:

Thanks for coming out, Steve. We hope to see you again before too long!


The Black Creek Growler


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