It was because of the stories. That’s why I did it. And that’s why I’ll keep doing it: for the stories. Like most people I love the feeling of connecting the dots. Like when you find that renegade puzzle piece you’ve been looking for; or when you finally remember that word, or term, or name that’s been sitting on the tip of your tongue for who-knows-how-long; or just when you learn something new and then start seeing that something new everywhere you look. These are the things that make the day-to-day interactions here at Black Creek Pioneer Village so rewarding. I love standing in front of a group of people and explaining to them the origin of how the term “hotel” became common use, or how the Temperance movement led to the formation of mafias and having my audience pause for a brief moment then sigh: “I never knew that.” The best part about teaching, in my opinion, is actually being able to see the gears connect in people’s minds. And being one of the tour guides for the new Black Creek Historic Brewery provides me ample opportunities to see those gears grind away. But I don’t do this just for me. No, no, no. I do it for the stories, for, at the end of the day, what else do we have other than our stories or the stories that have been passed on to us? And really though: aren’t we all just dying to know why our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, wore so many coats?

If so, come on down to the brewery. Have a glass of historic ale and we’ll talk.


Andrew Gaboury.


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