Seeing is Understanding

It just makes sense when you see how beer is made here at Black Creek Historic Brewery.

We’ve been on a lot of tours and seen a lot of great breweries, but somehow the brewing process always seemed so complicated. Maybe it’s all the huge vats and boilers and all the shiny stainless steel equipment that just made it confusing. In a modern brewery, it just seems a lot harder to visualize how beer is actually made.

That’s ironic, because brewing is pretty simple: take water, add malted barley, boil it (adding some hops during the process), filter out the solids, throw in some yeast, and let the fermentation party begin. Once that’s done, you have beer.

Here, at our wonderful new (old) brewery, where everything is done by hand on a small scale, it’s easy to see the whole process at a glance. There’s a mash tun for mixing, the boiler, and real wooden kegs where the ale ferments. Implements, like a shovel, and a hoist, were the only other equipment.

When we open to the public in June, a tour of the Black Creek Historic Brewery will be the perfect way to learn about the art of brewing. Afterwards, you can enjoy a cold pint right here in our own pub, for a little added insight.


The Black Creek Growler


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